Exclusive events on your yacht


We customize the events for you.  We have the pleasure to create the most exclusive events on board of your yacht, whether in port or anchored in a bay..

Working alongside our friends at Blue International Talent, CBCM Yacht Events can now offer a wide range of events and experiences all over the world; from private live performances to exclusive parties featuring top international DJs.

Whether you wish to invite guests to party the night away on board with a renowned music artist or plan a dinner of choice for a special occasion, we have the best resources to organize unforgettable experiences during your superyacht charter.

Please contact us to discuss your event and entertainment requirements for Private and Corporate Yacht Charters, Yacht Shows and Quayside Sporting and Luxury Event Fixtures


SPAIN +34 659 203 656 FRANCE +33 614 641 152 Email:

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