Our services are very broad, ranging from basic maintenance to complete refit of yachts. we work quickly on your unit with the best professionals by trade.We are able to do standard works  Mechanics, cleaning, docking, underwater works…or important works on yachts such as extension, complete interior decoration, full paint jobs, antifouling, to launch new boats, to install masts and sails, security material, etc…In this context, various types of work are to be coordinated : engineering, carpentry, painting, electricity, electronics, etc…
Thanks to our new collaboration with NASAI BOATS we can provide a complete repair and maintenance services in Barcelona

The perfect location

Our shipyard is strategically located in the heart of Barcelona, right on the beach near to One Ocean Port Vell, in front W Barcelona Hotel which allows you to enjoy beach lifestyle, culture and nightlife of Barcelona

Expert and Concierge services

We offer a personalized service for all you needs in shipyard concierge services and expert assistance 7/7. Accommodations, vehicle rental, tips and advice for evenings and weekends out in Barcelona, Costa Brava and Pyrenees ski resort, as well as the organisation of activities for crew.

Repair and Maintenance

We offer our afloat repair services, or inside Our covered drydock with an overhead crane of 10 tons. Additional mobile cranes can also be arranged.or we can mobilize our team to go onboard of the vessel within the neighboured marinas.

We have the capacity to accommodate vessels in a dry condition up to 35 m LOA and 160 tons. 

We count with a big team of nautical and maritime professionals and advisors in order to offer our customers complete services such:

  • Hull treatment
  • Surface preparation and paint application.
  • Composite works: All kind of composite repairs both in hull and rigging.
  • Accommodation works:Textile repairs, miscellaneous cleanings and deck repairs.
  • Deck treatment: Surface preparation, paint application and teak repair and maintenance.
  • Carpentry: Furniture repair and renewal, teak repair and maintenance.
  • Insulation: Sound and thermal insulation for piping, walls and ceilings.
  • Piping: Black steel pipes, stainless steel, conifer, copper, aluminium, plastic pipes, hot dip galvanizing, supply of accessories, pipe fittings and piping elements.
  • Steel works: Certified welders for black steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Mechanics: Engine overhauling 
  • Machining and alignment works.
  • Sails: repairs and renewal.
  • Engineering: Technical projects,stability tests.
  • Propulsion & Steering: Propeller, tailshaft  and rudder overhauling.
  • Pump overhauling, winches.
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements.
  • Anchor, chains, spair part.


Expert and Concierge services for boats under 30m

Ready to sailing: provision of your boat where and when you want. Upon arrival, the boat is ready to sail, airy, heated, refueled, full tanks. Upon return, CBCM will take care of it until your next visit.

Services 7/7:  for owners or captains wishing a one-time service by professionals: supply of products, supply of equipments for the crew or the ship, recruitment and management of crews, VIP services for your business, events,travels everything that your boat needs will be provided by CBCM Yacht Service.

Winter port base: your boat must remain a few months without use? We do the necessary work for a trouble-free winter.

Troubleshooting: In the event of a breakdown, the CBCM team will meet you wherever you are, to help you solve the damage on site or to bring the boat back safely!


Conveying your boat : we transport your boat in the waters where you wish to sail and bring it back to its home port.

Yacht Training and Development: When buying your boat, CBCM helps you understand the different maneuvers and specificities of the ship. Training and development assistance is provided by experienced professionals.


We offer a vast range of premium services to Superyacht Community from BARCELONA, PORT VENDRES, ANTIBES, LANZAROTE

SPAIN +34 659 203 656 FRANCE +33 614 641 152 Email: cbcm.yacht@live.com