Discover Lanzarote / Fuerteventura /  Lobos / La Graciosa

Discover the spectacular Canary Islands on board your  Yacht, truly the best way to see all that this beautiful territory of Spain has to offer!

6 day sailing route setting off from Lanzarote, and visiting the breathtaking beaches and sights along the way.


Declared a “Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO in 1993, Lanzarote is home to beautiful landscapes: volcanoes of the Timanfaya National Park, vineyards of “La Geria”, golden sand beaches of Papagayo, cactus fields in the area Of Mala and the impressive Risco de Famara with its endless beach. The annual average temperature is 21 ° C, the sky of Lanzarote is blue almost every day and the wind is not missing. A wonderful island that you must discover


Weekly cruise between the Atlantic islands, to the warm climate that characterizes the Canary Islands in our winter season. Summer is around the corner, just a few hours away! The cruise includes the entire circumnavigation of Lanzarote touching the north slope of Fuerteventura. We will navigate along the east coast of Lanzarote, the most sheltered and rich in quiet and heavenly bays. We will stop in equipped ports, to give the opportunity to take advantage, in an autonomous way and according to own needs, of the numerous attractions of the island such us: the suggestive national park of the volcano Timanfaya, the characteristic vineyards of La Geria and its good wine, the semi-submerged crater of El Golfo and its green lagoon, excursions by camel or bike, … etc. You will reach the small islands of La Graziosa (nature reserve) and Lobos. For the return the engines will be turned off and will sail in a load-bearing way along the west side of Lanzarote, from north to south, taking advantage of the constant and moderate Portuguese trade winds that will accompany us in port.


Marina Rubicon in Playa Blanca. The harbor is located about 30 km from Arrecife airport, easily accessible by taxi and offers for our clients a comfortable swimming pool, tennis courts and pretty shops, restaurants, cocktail bar and much more – see http://www.marinarubicon.com/en/home.
On request will be possible to rent surfboards and S.U.P. or book surfing lessons by qualified instructors.
Hiring a Watersport expert to join a charter for a week.


Day 3 - Marina Rubicon (35 miles)

Day 1 – Marina Rubicon

Start your week-long cruise around the Canary Islands from the modern and well-equipped marina Marina Rubicon Embark from the island of Marina Rubicon to La Graciosa. This marina is a hub for all nautical and nautical activities. Close to Fuerteventura and the islands of lobos it is a very pleasant step. You will find many shops and services. You should also take a walk along the harbor and visit some of the many shops and art exhibits.


Day 2 – Corralejo

Next stop on our itinerary is Corralejo, located to the north of Fuerteventura. It is one of the most popular tourist spots on the island, thanks to its never-ending white sandy beaches and dunes. On your way there, why not take a quick break at the deserted island of Lobos. If you are lucky enough you might even have the chance to swim with water turtles.

Day 5 - Puerto Calero (14 miles)

Day 3 – Puerto Calero

This third leg of your trip will take us back to Lanzarote and the port of Calero. This is the ideal place for the seaside and will delight all lovers of the sea. Along the way, do not miss the many beautiful beaches of Papagayo. There are 6 beaches nestled in this rocky coast. They are all spectacular, with white sand and turquoise waters.


Day 1 - Arrecife, Lanzarote (14 miles)

Day 4 – Arrecife, Lanzarote

Visit this perfect coastal resort, with stretches of unspoilt sandy beaches. It is less well-known than other resorts so you can be sure to enjoy a peaceful stop over. There are plenty of great sea front restaurants where you can try some locally caught sea food and watch the sun set.



Day 5 – La Graciosa

Today we head off in the direction of the island of La Graciosa. Make sure to take a trip inland to see the incredible plant life, including the unique grey-green plants of this arid landscape. Also admire the mountains of Bermeja, in the north of the island, and the sandy beach of Playa de la Conchas below. You can anchor at the beautiful Playa Francesa!



Day 6 - Arrecife (9 miles)

Day 6 – Arrecife

Your sailing holiday in the Canaries is sadly drawing to a close and it is now time to return to the departure base of Arrecife, which is only 9 miles along the coast from Puerto Calero. Make the most of this last day of sailing and enjoy the beautiful scenery of this island.