CBCM VR YACHT is the Virtual Reality sector of CBCM.TV we offer you a complete service in collaboration with the best VR Production company based in France specialized in virtual reality.

Thanks to CBCM VR YACHT solutions we help you visualize and develop your dream yacht.
You can teleport yourself or your clients to any yacht in seconds!

VR is transforming yacht design, construction, and marketing around the world in tremendous ways. From saving thousands of work-hours to further saving untold sums of money — helping owners, designers and shipyards avoid expensive mistakes along the way — the technology is not only increasing efficiencies, but also is improving the customer experience.

With VR, all conceivable configurations and combinations of all types of materials, furniture or entire interior designs can not only be viewed, but also experienced interactively.
Users can create their own ideal setup, which also greatly simplifies communication.

CBCM VR YACHT enables you to move freely, look over the railing into the water or simply lay on deck and enjoy the blue sky and the sun on the 3D model of a yacht within a virtual reality.

CBCM VR YACHT offer a full range of extended Reality solutions (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality) in the superyacht industry to designed to help future owners and industry professionals visualize and develop their creations—and manage their projects.

Our services :

Our range of services in Virtual reality allows us to offer you different fields of application includes extensive solutions:

  • Sales and Marketing,
  • Design and collaboration
  • Project development
  • Manufacturing
  • Crew training
  • Customer orientation and welcome information
  • Maintenance, repair and management of facilities
  • Safety training for crew and guests

Our Team :

Our team is made up of experts on Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Creatives, Filmmakers, and sound engineers, whose sole mission is to deliver the best virtual reality experiences. By mastering emerging software and technologies, we offer our customers an unprecedented VR experience.

Your strategy

How to integrate VR in your projects?

We can help you, advise you by adapting the virtual reality strategy that suits your business.

We are familiar with the superyacht industry and the particular challenges businesses face, CBCM VR YACHT aims to create the highest standard of quality. we can help you identify the best way to use VR technologies to maximize your profits.

Our philosophy is based simply on innovation and customer satisfaction. Our most powerful resource is our team’s collective experience and desire for excellence.

What is virtual reality?

VR headsets require a computer or smartphone to run the app or experience. The headset brings the display to your eyes either via a video link from the computer or, more simply, by using the phone’s display. A method of control input is also needed, by hand, voice or trackpad – or the device tracks head/eye movements.

VR headsets tend to use head tracking to enable the picture to shift with your head movement. These work by measuring the pitch, yaw and roll of your head. Lenses in a headset can reshape the picture for each eye to create a 3D image. They can increase our normal field of vision, which helps users feel immersed in the virtual world.

And it is that feeling that is the ultimate goal of VR – making the experience so real that we forget about the accessories and the world outside.